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SRM Science Track PowerMeter 2016


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Leistungsmessung ist eine Wissenschaft. Deshalb ist das SRM Science Track PowerMeter auch so genau wie nur möglich. Jetzt bei Schober Rad Meßtechnik in Jülich.

Marke: SRM
Kategorie: Powermeter
Type: Kurbelpowermeter
Produktzustand: Neu
Verfügbarkeit: Im Laden kaufen
ID: 100192806


The SRM Science Track PowerMeter was designed to be the pinnacle of precise power measurement in the sport of track cycling. Track cycling has always been a focus for SRM, due to the detailed nature of specific training intervals as well as the close timing of competition to the thousandth of a second. In Track cycling 1 watt truly matters between victory and missing the podium!

Reinforced to allow for sprinting forces up to 4000 watts, the SRM Science Track is built to measure the most extreme forces, as well as the most subtle changes in a cyclist’s pedal stroke. Capable of accepting multiple chainring sizes without need for recalibration. The SRM Science Track PowerMeter version is available for Octalink bottom brackets with a dual 144 BCD, for threaded or two piece chain ring screws.

SRM PowerControl 8 (PC8):

With the PC8 SRM offers a device that is focused entirely on the needs of athletes, and foregoes gimmicks. In addition to common values such as power, heart rate, speed, etc. - the Training Peaks metrics such TSS® (Training Stress Score®), NP® (Normalized Power®) and IF® (Intensity Factor®) are calculated, and the values are displayed. Also, location and content of the various data fields on the display is configurable.

Of course, the PC8 also has GPS (for recording) and is controlled by a light sensor backlight. The light as well as the GPS can be turned off in order to prolong battery life, which is between 10 and 45 hours.

The memory capacity is 500 MB, which can store data up to 4,000 hours of training. A built-in motion sensor turns the PC8 on automatically when riding.

Since many riders have several bikes with power meters, the PC8 supports up to four different bicycle profiles. Selecting the profile for the respective bike prior to departure eliminates the previously required pairing with the power meter.

The shell is made of anodized aluminum, which is available in three different colors: red, black and titanium, and can be personalized.

Charging and data transfer is accomplished using a magnetic plug. Training data is stored as a .fit™ file and can be analyzed using popular training software tools such as Golden Cheetah, Strava, Training Peaks, and Velobook.

Data from power meter, speed sensor and heart rate monitor strap is received via the ANT+ protocol. The PC8 is compatible with all power meters that support ANT+

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Schoberer Rad Messtechnik GmbH - SRM GmbH
Rudolf Schulten Str. 6
52428 Jülich

Tel: +49 2461 69123 0
Fax: +49 2461 69123 17
Email: info@srm.de

Geschäftsführer: Beate Schoberer
UstID: DE241080281 | Amtsgericht Düren, HRB 4741

SRM Science Track PowerMeter 2016


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